Behind the amazing photos of our Art Makes You t-shirts

Sometimes things just happen for a great reason.  And so did this!  

My friend Agris from Latvia ordered several hand painted t-shirts created by our amazing artist Eva Stephanus.   Agris has a great sense of style, he loves and appreciates clothing that is unique and different.  Since I know Agris for ever, I could pretty much ask him anything... and so I did.  He agreed to be our Art Makes You model with his beautiful friend Katrina ( I think you can sense the spark in the photos ;)). 

I am also lucky to know a top photographer in Latvia, Andrejs Zavadskis . Andrejs works in advertisement and is traveling the world to photograph amazing weddings.  

From this February we are raising money to support several families in America who are planing or in a process for international adoption from Latvia and Ukraine.  These are orphans 6 years and older, who most likely will never be adopted in their countries.  The expenses for adoption are about $35 thousand dollars!!!   And for a families who has already hosted orphans, adoption is their next step.  They have fallen in love with the children and want to bring them in their families for good.   We want to help.  And so can You, by Donating or purchasing Art Makes You t-shirts.  We ship worldwide.  Every single dollar/Euro is going towards the cause. 

One of the family who are in the process of adopting Ingus from Latvia story read here:

I am always so grateful to know people who want to be a part of something that is my biggest passion - Create Art and help children in need. 

Thank you Agris, Katrina and Andrejs for awesome work! 

And thank You Eva Stephanus for creating these masterpieces.  Every t-shirt is hand painted, every one is different then the other. 

Looking back

As we are preparing for the next charity event in April, I wanted to post couple photos of our last one in September.  

Art Makes You Charity Event / Inese's bday party!

Hello from Art Makes You!

Hope everyones New Year has started well.  New year, new goals. Life goes on! 

We are beginning to prepare for our next charity event on April 4th.  Please SAVE THE DATE!  It is going to be a FUN event! I will also be celebrating my BIRTHDAY!!! :)))  Why not come together, have a great time seeing everyone and the same time make a big difference in someones lives. 

We have several ideas in mind to who we want to contribute this time around. One of them will be to the families that are in the process of adoption, but could use some financial help towards the adoption process. 

As some of you may already know, we were hosting an orphan from Latvia for a month thought Project 143  As I got to meet several of the families here in US, I learned that the adoption process is quite expensive, as well as the travel expenses are not small. We decided to help several families who are ready to adopt, but could use some help. 

One of the families I got to meet and get to know better is amazing Boothby family who are in the process to adopt Ingus from Latvia.  Dad is in military and mom is raising their own two children. They hosted Ingus for the second time and is considering him as their own son.  I was at the airport when they had to say goodbye to Ingus, it was very hard to explain him why he needs to go back again as the adoption process is not as easy and Ingus is only ten years old. Here is Jenessa's blog with the adoption process updates.

At this point, we are starting to gather auction items and would be VERY HAPPY if you have anything to offer?  Please contact us through email, Facebook or call us. 

This is our last years "Look back and see what we have done" post.

We have still T-shirts available in our online shop as well.

Please share this information to any of your friends and family who would like to be a part of our Art Makes You family! 

Art Makes You is going Bigger and Beeter then before. Growing and learning. 

Thank you and have a fantastic 2015!!!!!  

Inese and Eva  



What have we done so far?


  We wanted to look back and see what we have accomplished this past year and share it with you.  

Our main goal since September was to make sure we can make Christmas brighter for "Strazdes" orphanage.  By selling Eva's designed shirts and having our very first charity event, we made it happen, and more then that. 

Click on the gallery.  Photos taken by my Dad and my awesome friend Antra, she was making sure every child gets what he wanted from Santa and delivered in person. 

This was my second year as oficial photographed for amazing organization Toys for Kids based in Seattle and started by Rick Rizzs & Dave Henderson.  Click on the gallery. 

Toys for Kids

With my friends help, (thank you ladies) ;)  we also were able to gather lots of clothing for kids at Atlantic Street Center in Seattle. 

We also had a chance to support Labdarības Lapa.  This is a great organization in Latvia started and organized by amazing Amanda Grase. It is simply a Facebook group page that helps connect people with families struggling for various reason, mostly single mothers with children. 

It has been a great start for Art Makes You.  We are happy to use our talents and time to make it happen.  We have big plans for 2015. Our next Charity event will happen in April in Seattle. We are starting to work on new artwork and gathering items for silent auctions and inviting YOU all to be part of our Art Makes You family. 

On a personal note, we have been hosting our awesome host child from Latvia's orphanage. He is a 17 year old fashionista. It's been so great to have him here. This is our last week together before he needs to return back to Latvia.  I am planing to write a separate blog about our experience and really encourage more families to consider hosting orphans.  If you'r talking about "Making a difference in someones life" THIS IS TRULY THE CASE.  More about it in the next blog. 



Thank You!

We want to thank you all who have supported our project "Through art to hearts". 

There is so much to be thankful for! Your generosity has already made a difference in many childrens' lives. 

Our journey in helping orphans has just begun and we have big plans for the upcoming year. Our next charity event will come up on April. Follow us and spread the word. Happy Thanksgiving from Artmakesyou team! 

Please Vote for Your Favorite Artwork!

Here are all the beautiful drawings that our little friends from the Latvian orphanage have sent to us. Our idea is to pick two best art works and print them on t-shirts. These T-shirts will make a perfect charitable Christmas gift! It's not just another cute piece of clothing, it's a real help! By wearing this t-shirt, your child is actually doing something special by supporting another less fortunate child! It's a good opportunity to take a moment and explain your child who orphans are and what orphanage is like. It's the best time to teach your children the importance of compassion, care, understating and love for others!