Everybody has a story, this is mine...

Maja Arnold. Photo by  Inese Westcott

Maja Arnold. Photo by Inese Westcott

Jewelry Designer, Maja Arnold, brings passion and beauty in everything she does.         Born and raised in Slovakia, Maja has had an extraordinary journey in life that continues to be inspiring. Growing up in Slovakia, Maja modeled throughout Europe, Canada and the United States, while pursuing her passion for design and fashion at the School of Typography. Eventually at the age of 19, Maja found herself in Seattle, as a freelance model and a clinical aesthetician. It is here in Seattle, Maja met, fell in love and resides in Medina with her husband and their two young children. She understands the meaning of the family because she lost one child and her other child had a cancer.    

These events in her life inspired her to design unique monograms and her life collection of the initials LOVE, HOPE, LIVE, and HAPPY, because everybody has a story. It is through the meaning of family, that Maja combined her love of fashion, design and family unity and started Maja Arnold Design. Maja designs custom contemporary symbols that is completely original and unique. Each piece of art is derived from children's or the individual’s initials. They are hand sketched, digitally rendered, wax molds and cast in pure sterling silver or gold, hand crafted for each of her clientele. She adds detail and perfection to each individual piece. With these beautiful monogrammed necklaces, Maja’s passion is revealed on client’s own journeys and the people they cherish. 

You are unique, show the world.