What is the Art Makes You Art Program?

The Art Makes You Art Program is facilitated several day workshop for underprivileged children ages 12 and up, to be exposed to the fundamentals of various forms of art.

Why are you holding Art Programs?

Our mission at Art Makes You is to awaken and release the creativity of children all around the world by exposing them to the power of art. We passionately believe that as children creatively express themselves, they will find the courage and vision they need to live purposeful lives. 

The Art Programs are the beginning of our journey to bring the power of art to the children of the world.

What types of Art is being taught at the Programs?

Photography, painting, drawing, performing arts, and much more. 

Who will be teaching the classes?

 The classes are coordinated and facilitated by passionate groups of volunteers. Each volunteer that has been assigned a particular workshop is skilled in the subjects they will be facilitating. 

Where are the camps being held?

The Art Makes You Art Programs are being held in three locations around the world: in Seattle, USA; in Riga, Latvia, and in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

When are the Art camps being held?

 Twice a year, before Christmas and on Summer break.  

How many children can attend?

We currently have capacity for 10 children per camp.  The more funds we raise, the more children we can add to our program. 

How much does it cost per child?

The generous gifts from our supporters all around the world means the children can attend the Art Makes You Art Camp absolutely free.

Sponsor an Art Program ($200) 


Every participant in this sponsorship opportunity is paired with a child in the Art Makes You program. Your donation covers location and transportation costs, art materials, and other related expenses for the child’s attendance in the program.

In their own special way, your program participant will update you about their art experience within the program and deliver a surprise gift made just for you!

All donations are tax deductible.