Behind the amazing photos of our Art Makes You t-shirts

Sometimes things just happen for a great reason.  And so did this!  

My friend Agris from Latvia ordered several hand painted t-shirts created by our amazing artist Eva Stephanus.   Agris has a great sense of style, he loves and appreciates clothing that is unique and different.  Since I know Agris for ever, I could pretty much ask him anything... and so I did.  He agreed to be our Art Makes You model with his beautiful friend Katrina ( I think you can sense the spark in the photos ;)). 

I am also lucky to know a top photographer in Latvia, Andrejs Zavadskis . Andrejs works in advertisement and is traveling the world to photograph amazing weddings.  

From this February we are raising money to support several families in America who are planing or in a process for international adoption from Latvia and Ukraine.  These are orphans 6 years and older, who most likely will never be adopted in their countries.  The expenses for adoption are about $35 thousand dollars!!!   And for a families who has already hosted orphans, adoption is their next step.  They have fallen in love with the children and want to bring them in their families for good.   We want to help.  And so can You, by Donating or purchasing Art Makes You t-shirts.  We ship worldwide.  Every single dollar/Euro is going towards the cause. 

One of the family who are in the process of adopting Ingus from Latvia story read here:

I am always so grateful to know people who want to be a part of something that is my biggest passion - Create Art and help children in need. 

Thank you Agris, Katrina and Andrejs for awesome work! 

And thank You Eva Stephanus for creating these masterpieces.  Every t-shirt is hand painted, every one is different then the other.