ART MAKES YOU ART CAMP. First one in Riga, Latvia.

Hello friends!

This is it – the culmination of our hard work; together we believed, and now we’re making it a reality!

A few months ago, we shared our vision about our art camps – special programs where children could go and be exposed to various forms of art in a safe and welcoming environment. A place where they could be free to escape the challenges in their lives, and for a brief moment, explore their creativity without any walls – emotional, mental, or financial.

We’re delighted to announce that the first Art Makes You art camp is going live – in beautiful Riga, Latvia!

Thirty children (twenty more than our original plan!) will be participating in a two-day art program coached and mentored by ten amazing artists at the beautiful Latvian National Library. The program will cover different forms of art like photography, crafts, and much more (full list below), giving our children insights into these fields and providing the foundations they need to follow their interests. The children will also learn about the library itself, a prominent symbol of education and the arts, enjoy dinner on the top floor, and be treated to a play at the Latvian National Theater. We couldn’t be more excited!

Photo by Indriķis Stūrmanis

Photo by Indriķis Stūrmanis

All of this couldn’t have happened without a team of friends believing in our vision and making this a reality. Our heartfelt thanks goes to:

·      Antra Savlevica for her organizational skills

·      The Latvian National Library for providing accommodations

·      Our talented artist volunteers making a difference in the lives of thirty young teenagers: 

Latvian Artists

o   Andris Bulis (Acting)

o   Agnese Rakovska (Music)

o   Anna Panna (Anna Birmane) (Culinary Arts)

o   Andris and Inguss Reizenbergi (Beverage Crafts)

o   Miks Dukurs (Music)

o   Evita Staģīte (Fashion Design)

o   Līga Liberte (Dance)

o   Andrejs Zavadskis (Photography)

o   Lindards Augusts (Fashion Arts)

We’re also exploring how we can support the children beyond the art camps in the field of art that they choose. We’ll keep you updated!

Thank you for your generous support – we’re making this vision a reality.

 We hope you’re as excited about this as we are – our next stop for art-camps: Bellevue, Washington in November 7 & 8th working with Atlantic Street Teens!    And Kharkiv, Ukraine December 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th, where we have invited children from families of fallen soldiers and refugees. 

Thank You All! 

Art Makes You