First Art Makes You Art Camp - SUCCESS!

Hello friends - we are happy to announce that our first Art Makes You Art Camp was a resounding success! 

We had thirty children ranging from 12-16 years old join us in the two-day experience. The children heard about photography, acting, culinary arts, music, dance, fashion design, and much more.  We were also privileged to have ten professional artists attend - sharing their backgrounds, what they did on a daily basis, and their vision for the arts.  From the photos and quotes below, it was a terrific experience, one we believe inspired the children to invest in their creative talent and shoot for their dreams.

Here's a photo of where the camp was held - in the National Library: 

National Library of Latvia 

National Library of Latvia 

We were lucky to have the special group of volunteers and children specialist who shared that the the event was not only interesting and insightful, but also very NEEDED for the children. 

From left to right: Antra, Kaspars, Inese, Aija, Inga and Sintija (taking the photo). 

From the Art Makes You team: THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!

Our amazing Team in Latvia! 

Our amazing Team in Latvia! 

From the Kids...

Our journey with the kids started with finding out who they were and what they wanted to do. We called this "Project Imagine", where we asked them questions like:

  • What is the happiest and saddest thing that happened to them? (draw or write) 
  • What is their biggest dreams?
  • What they would have to do to make their dream come true? 

and much more!

Their answers gave us terrific insights into not only how we could serve them during the Art Camps, but also how we could support a few of them beyond the camp experience. We're currently identifying how we can help them further with their interests and education in the future. 

We noticed children opening up to the artists and our volunteers, and by the end of the day they were really relaxed and open to the new experiences. 

We're delighted to share some of the photos from the event: 

Day 1

Day 2

Thank you!

Events like these could not be possible without the generous support of you - our donors and supporters from all around the world. We can't say this enough - your partnership enables us to fulfill the vision we have - of unlocking the power of creativity of our children through the power of art. THANK YOU. 

We looking forward to sharing news from our next set of Art Camps - from Bellevue, WA (USA) and Kharkiv, Ukraine!