Local Art Makes You Art Camp in (Bellevue, WA).

Over the weekend of November 7-8th, Birch Tree Academy has been such a great friend hosting quite a few kids and adults during the Art Makes You art camp. The feelings are completely overwhelming. We are incredibly happy, sad, exhausted, inspired and so on...I think during this two days we soaked in all the bright colors of art that our kids got to experience with our amazing teachers! Kimberly Tremper, Mallory Rae MacDonald, Olga Rublinetska, Natalya Zrazhevskaya, Umario Diallo, Lana Neyolova, Lana Kao Fauser, Inese Westcott, on behalf of the kids ( and adults) who participated in the camp - thank you for sharing your time and talents! For inspiring and giving the kids encouragement to dream and to go for it!

We got lucky to work with such a fun group of kids! Special thanks to Atlantic Street Center for the help with children.

"Thank you for hosting us over the weekend! Our youth had a great time with you and your staff, and learned invaluable lessons around art. We are very appreciative of the hospitality and accommodations your team showed our group over the weekend. Our youth walked away with increased confidence in their artwork, and a new found passion in exposure to possible different art outlets. Erica Lane/ Youth Development/ Atlantic Street Family Resource Center". 

Our next stop is Kharkov, Ukraine. The camp is coming up in December. Excited!